Home & Live-in Care - Why Choose Us?

Person-centred Care

Person-centred care involves providing a service that is personalised, coordinated and continuously encourages and enables clients to not just survive, but thrive. Working in partnership with other services to provide comprehensive support.

We understand that domiciliary support is not just about maintaining dependence, but encouraging independence wherever possible. This is why we place so much importance on understand each client's capabilities and goals.



Every process that we follow and action that we take has quality at the heart. We recruit excellent staff who undergo thorough vetting to ensure the safety of our clients. In addition, we continuously monitor our own performance, looking for any opportunity to improve.


Continuity of Care

When providing safe and effective care to vulnerable people (especially older people) it is vital to provide as much continuity as possible. This helps to build the trust between ourselves and each client, as we take the time to understand their individual requirements.



Providing continuity in care enables us to be ready to respond and adapt to changes in any client's needs. We understand that people's needs are ever changing and so we aim stay ahead of any changes through regular review of care plans and continuous assessment.



Promote Independence