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What is Live-in Care

Live-in Care is personalised, person-centred 24-hour support from a fully trained carer in your own home. They can provide any care and support you may require, including companionship. Your dedicated carer can assist with everything from personal hygiene and night care to medication management and assisting with attending healthcare appointments.

Who is Live-in Care for

Live-in care is for anyone who wants to remain in their own home but does not feel safe or comfortable doing so alone or without sufficient support. You may require a lot of physical support, or simply want a companion. 

The Role of a Live-in Carer

A Live-in carer's role is to be a patient and compassionate companion who can monitor your health and safely provide the support you require. They can manage medication, laundry and meals, removing these worries from your life, all in accordance with your individually created bespoke support plan. They help to keep you healthy by keeping on top of your health needs and medical requirements such as doctors appointments and collecting prescriptions. 

Matching the Right Live-in Carer to Suit Your Needs

It can be difficult to accept care and support, and so it is extremely important that you get on with whoever is providing your care. This is particularly relevant with Live-in carers as they will be in your home all the time. That is why we take great care to match you with someone who you will get on with and can provide the right level of support for you.

The Benefits of a Live-in Carer

The primary benefit of Live-in care is being able to stay in your own home, despite needing 24 hour care. You can receive fully personalised

one-to-one support from an experienced and well trained carer in the home that you know and love. This will enable you to maintain as much independence as possible, allowing you to focus on continuing to do things you enjoy. Staying at home with a Live In carer provides much more autonomy than a care home. It may also mean that you can keep a beloved pet, which may otherwise not be possible.

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